Friday, June 21, 2013

Sugar and Spice...

There is definitely a bit of sugar and spice in our little girl but everything nice? Not so much.

Dee Dee has taken over aCappella and keeps the rest of the crew on their toes 24/7. She can go from a cuddly, sweet girl to a raging monster faster than a Ferrari can go from 0 to 60. Everything goes in the mouth including Dylan's tender ears and we're pretty sure she has a file hidden in her crate where she makes those sharp puppy teeth even sharper.

Then just as we're about to unfurl the "Free Puppy Available" burgee she collapses in a heap and falls sound asleep exhaling that sweet puppy breath. I think there's something mind altering in that puppy breath - makes you forget it all and go, "Ahhhhh!" Mother nature at her best.

Dylan has finally accepted that she's staying and even enjoys a good tussle when she's awake. Of course, it helps that he can jump up on the settee or run up the pilothouse steps when her biting becomes too much. Won't he be surprised when she learns to climb and jump to follow him.

Dylan is Dee Dee's idol and she wants to follow him everywhere just like a little sister would.  For now he really is top dog in her eyes. Even though Dylan could flatten her with one paw (and probably considers it now and then) he is quite gentle with her and has even started letting her cuddle with him. There have certainly been a lot of adjustments for our boy these past few months. So Mommy has been far more lenient with the treats lately.

For now we are waiting at Shady Harbor Marina for the final lock to be repaired on the Erie Canal. It has given Dee Dee a chance to work on her sea-legs. If you're in the area stop by. We're the DeFever with the arch folded down at the end of the dock. We're hard to miss just follow the sound of "Dee Dee, no!"


Unknown said...

We have a young puppy named Dylan(after Bob Dylan). Your blog made me laugh as we are going through the same thing! Dylan is so cute when he is asleep. When awake he puts any paper shredder to shame. Loves to eat anything including spiders!! No Dylan!!! Is heard a lot at Pt Bay Marina! Safe travels.

Craig Lewis
Mighty Fine
2001 Mainship 390

Unknown said...

When you are locking thru and want to keep your fenders clean those dog food bags work as a cover to protect them from the dirty. greasy lock walls, Just slip them over the fender and tie or zip tie the top, Mike Anderson Irish Wake ll