Sunday, June 16, 2013


I'm going for a ride!

I saw Mommy get out the bag of car stuff. See I mainly live on my boat but sometimes we drive places by car. I like it best when it's my white Subaru but most times Mommy goes off somewhere and comes back with some strange car. I don't know where they come from. Maybe she steals them.

We leave very early in the morning and for the first time I have the whole backseat to myself. Dyna always used to hog most of the backseat. I'd have to look at Mommy real pitiful and she'd make her move over so I could lie down. Boy, I wouldn't complain a bit if she were here to hog the backseat again...


So we finally stop and we're at Lucerne Veterinary Hospital. Wow, I love this place! I know most dogs hate the vet, maybe they don't have Chris and Stephanie as their vets. Sure, sometimes they stick me and it hurts a little or examine someplace I'd rather they didn't. But mostly they coo and tell me I'm cute and I almost always get a treat.

I can't believe it, JoDee is here too! I love JoDee because she loves dogs. She has a few puppies with her getting their wellness check. I like puppies. I remember last year about this time Dyna and I came here and JoDee had a whole van full of puppies, I think about a hundred. They got checked out and then JoDee played with us. It was great. This is going to be fun.

There's one puppy that Mommy and Daddy keep fussing over and calling Dee Dee. They're telling her how cute she is. I was pretty darn cute at that age too. In fact, my puppy picture won a 1st place prize in a contest. Can Dee Dee claim that?

Dylan, July 2007

What? Why did they put this Dee Dee character in our car? Maybe JoDee is going to drive back to our house and then I'll play with all of the puppies in the back yard. JoDee sometimes comes to my house and often has other dogs with her that I can play with. I remember once she brought my litter-mate Jewels to play with. It was fun but she pushed me around a bit and was kind of bossy. Come to think of it, so was Dyna. Maybe it's a female thing. This will still be fun.

Well, we've been here at the house for quite a while and JoDee still hasn't come to get the puppy. I wonder if she got lost. Maybe we should go find her.

Mommy and Daddy have put up a crate that's just like the one I used when I was just a puppy and they brought me home for good. They don't seem to be worried that JoDee hasn't come...

Wait a minute. Is this puppy staying? There's a bag of puppy food on the counter, some new puppy toys on the floor, hmmm. I wonder if we're going to take her back to the boat with us. I've got lots of new things to show her there. It will be nice to have someone to cuddle with in the backseat and when Mommy and Daddy are gone. I guess she can stay but I'm absolutely not letting her have any of my food!

Introducing the latest aCappella crew member:

Dynasty's Delight
Dee Dee


Kathy B said...

Murphy sends the newest crew greetings and a snuffle. He thinks she is pretty cute too!
Jim and Kathy and Murphy the Irish Terrier

Dave Gibson said...

Awww. Cute pic, and nice story.

Chevy and Ruby are still wondering when Megan is going to come to get Olivia.

Rick, Deb and Izzy aboard M/V Broulee said...

ADORABLE!!!! Hope Dylan is adjusting. Queen Isabella of Ebonstar "Izzy" sends Dee Dee her best wishes and can't wait to meet her.

John said...

Just precious...
And yes Dylan has lots of tidbits of information to relay to Dee Dee. And his summer, cruising the peaceful waters of the Erie Canal will be delightful, even though there are no dolphins! he'll find something else to occupy his attention as you cruise along. You all should have a spectacular summer. Best Wishes, Marilyn, John, Dixie and Gracie. Black cousins!

Summer Wind said...

Adorable!!! Excellent new crew member for Acapella! Sounds like Dylan is being very sweet and accepting. We can totally understand about the food thing!

S/V Magnolia said...

Surely enjoyed the story. Glad everyone is settling in. Hang in there on your delay, bet you have plenty to keep you busy! Be Safe A**2

Leigh said...


We know you must miss Dyna terribly! Now you are the big dog who must protect and teach and reassure little Dee Dee. It must be fun to have a playful little puppy around for you to romp with. Have fun getting to know your new little friend!

Lots of love from the Blue Dog crew

PeggyB said...

Congratulations all! Sounds like you are in for all KINDS of new adventures with your newest crew member!