Friday, September 16, 2011

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

So Dyna had surgery a week ago. So it involved her breathing, kind of important. So she's old and needs to be cautious in her recovery. Dylan still doesn't understand why it's, “Dyna, Dyna, Dyna.” What about poor Dylan?

Dyna gets people writing nice things and stopping by the boat to see her. She gets puppy chow like Dylan never even knew existed. She and Daddy stay up in the salon at night while Dylan has to go below with Mommy and he just knows they're eating steak and french fries all night long. What does Dylan get?

Two days ago Cassie and Godiva pulled in behind us with their people on September Song. Dylan has been enjoying swimming and running and chasing and just watching them from the cockpit. And the best part, Dyna has to stay on the boat.

So does it make up for everything? Pretty much. But the special puppy chow sure does look good!


Maerin said...

Hi gang,

Glad to see Dyna is progressing. Keep up the good work!! Hope to see you as we head south in a while!

Steve, Barb, Molly, Sammy

Summer Wind said...

Sending our love to Dyna for a speedy recovery. Give her a big gentle hug for us, and definitely lots of 'special puppy chow'. Hope she's feeling better each day.