Monday, September 26, 2011

It's the People That We Meet...

The MTOA Rendezvous ended yesterday and as always it was a great time. We gave a talk about cruising the coast of Maine and a 2 hour talk on Medical Emergencies for Cruisers. We exchanged some terrific tips at the Round Table meetings. There is no better source of good, reliable information than talking to others who are actually out there cruising and living onboard.

Fours days of fun, parties, meeting many old friends, and making great new ones, what could be better?

It's a lot of work and the kids get short changed as we run off to meetings, dinners, parties, and friends' boats both day and night. But the wonderful, warm comments we hear from the members make it all worthwhile. We feel especially proud of the medical emergencies series. If just one cruiser in the future is helped we have given back more than we could ever hope. And of course there is the awards dinner where members were forced to listen to our silly songs.

Many folks have asked for copies of our slides and the words to our new song. You can find the Maine slides here:
The slides for Part 1 and for Part 2 of the Medical Emergencies talks are here:
And last but not least, there is a video from Celeste Yost of "I Told You So" here:

We thank everyone who made the MTOA event a success and will look for you along the waterway. Next weekend we will be speaking at the Krogen Rendezvous. We'll see some of the same friends and catch up with others. The people – it's the best part of cruising.


Carol 'n Wayne said...

Sorry we are not going to see you guys at the Krogen rendezvous. We just left Waterford, NY this morning and are anchored at Schodack Creek where we put our mast back up. Weather off NJ not looking great for when we are likely to get there, so who knows when we will get to the Chesapeake. Hope to see you guys on the way south. How far south are you planning this year?

MV Red Head said...

Hi Wayne, Carol and Eddie...

We'll be starting to head seriously south around the end of October. We'd like to end up in Jacksonville, FL this year to make a base and get more ActiveCaptain/CaptainRated work done.

We should definitely cross paths on the Chesapeake given your location and the time.