Tuesday, February 8, 2011

She's Walking!

One of the things we like about the boat is that we walk - alot. We both enjoy walking and like the exercise it gives us. We've walked miles to restaurants, shopping, for propane refills, dog parks, you name it. We're both in need of haircuts and just found a salon that's "only 2 miles away."

One of the things we have at times lamented and at times found humorous is how the rest of the world reacts to people walking. It's just not too common nowadays.

We've finally figured out never to trust someone telling us, "Oh, it's just up the road. Real close. 5 minutes maybe." Which would have been true - if we had a car. We thrill at finding a decent sidewalk, especially if it doesn't abruptly end for no apparent reason. We've had cars stop and ask if we broke down and need a ride. People walking are considered a strange sight.

One thing I'm liking about being here at Grande Dunes is that there is a great Loews grocery store just up a hill and across the street. Every 2-3 days I've set out to bring back fresh fruits and veggies, ice cream which we can eat relatively guilt free due to walking, fresh meat for the grill, and whatever other treats we feel like. And it even has a Redbox for movies.

I have a one of those foldup rolling crates to bring the loot back. We actually have two for bigger trips when we both go. I enjoy the break and the walk.

So today I set off with a short list of fresh items to feed us for the next few days. As I got to the check out I lifted my folding cart out of the shopping cart and began opening it up. The young woman who was bagging commented, "Oh neat, you brought your own cart."

"Yes, it's really convenient," I said.

"Yeah, you can just wheel it out to your car."

"Well, actually, I'm walking."

"You're walking!"


"Hey, (name of cashier), she's walking!"

"You're walking!?!" he said.  "How far do you have to walk?" she said.

"Yes, I'm on my boat in the marina across the street."

"That must take you 15 minutes to walk that," he said.

"No, only about 5," I said.

"Wow, you do that in only 5? Hey, (name of supervisor walking past), she's walking."

"Wow, good for you," she said.

I finished paying and the cashier thanked me and beamed, "You have a great walk!"

I have to admit I walked out of the store feeling a bit like a super hero. I imagined that the rest of the work day they were abuzz about that amazing women who bought groceries and then walked. "Yes, I saw her. She just walked through the parking lot and across the street. Amazing!"


Dave Gibson said...

This had me laughing the whole read. Nice write up!

Jacob said...

Just wanted to send you a quick message to say hellow and let you know that we're following your great blog on Trawler Blogs Keep up the great posts!

Sue W said...

Hilarious! Been there.
If only more people would walk...

Anonymous said...

Your article on walking struck a cord !

During our first trip to the Bahamas in 2008, we also got a lesson on walking, and how people react. Along the Erie Canal, there is a town named Brockport. We, like you, were searching for a Walmart, and the dockmistress indicated "it's only a mile down the road". Turns out she missed by about 4 miles.... 8 miles 'round trip. So, new to our lexicon is the "Brockport Mile" when we know we have a long way to go