Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bald Head Island

We promised a week ago to relate our experience at Bald Head Island. The ActiveCaptain website has had unprecidented traffic and use this month. We've also been working on rolling out new promotional programs, so it's been too busy and hectic. Sorry to take so long.

Bald Head Island has become a special place to us. We stayed longer at Bald Head Island Marina then we have ever stayed at any other marina - even with the two weeks we spent off the boat.

The island is something not to be missed. Whether you come by boat, rent a house for a vacation, or visit for the day by ferry, it is a place of great natural beauty with a community committed to preservation. Miles of beaches, acres of maritime forests, huge wetlands with streams to kayak through, and quiet paths to walk or bike without the roar of cars.

Needless to say it will be quite some time before the kids find a place they like better. How do you beat a romp on the beach every day at low tide? Add to that the various accumulated smelly things that the ocean washes up and you are describing dog heaven.

But Dyna and Dylan's people enjoyed the experience also. We rode our bikes somewhere most every day, saw scores of birds and other wildlife, and also enjoyed our daily walks on the beach.

The marina is well maintained and the staff is friendly and helpful. There is a wonderful market a short bike ride away along with an amazingly stocked hardware store. We made that trip every couple of days. There is a bar and restaurant right at the marina and two nicer clubs across the island.

We were fortunate to meet Suzanne Dorsey, Director of the Bald Head Island Conservancy who filled us in on the islands unusual history and took us to some great out of the way places. In season they offer a wide variety of programs. And we are already plotting to figure out how we can convince our insurance company to let us south early to see the hatching of the baby turtles.

We think that Bald Head Island is so close to being the perfect boating stop that we began nagging (well, we called it advising) them on how to make it even better for boaters. Either they are extremely polite or they really are interested in making Bald Head Island one of those places every boater stops at for a few days when heading south or north.

We'll definitely be back.


David Bradsher said...

Could not agree more - but you missed 1 important point.

- The place is only accessible via boat. That might be understood by some as its an island - but there are no bridges just a ferry.

That alone makes the island very private even in the peak summer season.

I'm jealous of the life you live - thanks for giving us all hope.

Unknown said...

OK. You've convinced us !

David Mann said...

Thanks for your blog which allows me to boat vicariously through you while watching the snow blow here at home.