Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hunkering Down

One of the lessons that can take awhile for us humans to learn is that we can't have it all - despite what that perfume commercial from the 70's tried to tell us. Oh come on, you remember "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan..." Hated that commercial.

Well, we've been trying to do it all. Things have been cranking up with the website - new third party apps, increased interest from marinas and other marine companies, new promotional programs being put in place, and a user population that is growing at an increasing rate. We're receiving more requests to speak, write articles, and answer questions. On the personal side, we've been having great fun meeting up with cruising buddies, and unfortunately, have had some family crises. Of course, we have to give the crew the time they deserve including playtime and cuddles. All this while planning and executing our cruise south.

Don't get me wrong, there are no complaints here. Everything on that list involves something we love. But we realized there just are not enough hours in the day to do it all. At least not do it all well. Something had to give.

After four years of hard work the ActiveCaptain website is poised to become everything we had envisioned. To ensure that happens we need to keep at it. So we made the hard decision to shorten our cruise. We decided the best thing to do was to find a place where we could settle in for a few months, focusing on getting some work done, and spend some time with family.

Being the obsessive types we are we wrote a requirements list.

1. A place that's good for the dogs.
2. A place where the dogs can run and play everyday.
3. A place the dogs will like.
4. Oh, and a place that has enough draft, has space available, groceries, blah, blah, blah.

We made another list of potential spots and yet another list of questions to ask, "Is there a place where our dogs can run?" And finally settled on Bald Head Island, a small community on an island off North Carolina that jets out into the ocean. We have a reservation for a month starting on Tuesday.

After that we may stay another month or go someplace else. We eventually hope to make it to Charleston, maybe Cumberland Island (did I mention the dogs love Cumberland Island?) but it's not likely we'll make it much beyond that.

Will we miss the beautiful destinations south? Sure. Mainly we'll miss the people, but in this strange community of cruisers we know we'll see them again - most likely sooner than we think. For now we're on our boat heading to a beautiful island and the kids are with us. What more do I need?


Mike Thompson said...

Hi Jeff and Karen,

ActiveCaptain has become everything I hoped it would become since that night, long ago, when you put out a call for "alpha" testers.

If you remember you accused me of having read your business plan!

What a great job you guys have done.

A tip of my AC hat to you both.

Bald Head Isl. is a good choice.

Have a great winter.

Looking forward to seeing you again - we sure did enjoy our time spent with you two and the crew this year.

Mike and Melissa
DeFever 40

MV Red Head said...

Thanks Mike. It was really fun being able to spend some time with you and Melissa. I trust that your travels south are going well.

We'll keep in touch!

Bob said...

I feel bad! We are out here enjoying cruising and you are working hard to keep us all informed with the best cruising guide ever. I know it's your baby and you love doing it, but Cassie and Godiva will miss seeing their friends Dyna and Dylan down South. We will miss the four of you, but I'm sure our paths will cross again.

Unknown said...

Karen and Jeff,
I want to second the thanks you both have received. Thanks, Elaine and I love following everyone on ActiveCaptain!
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I

John said...

Missed ya! "Carolina" is in Deep Point Marina, waiting for our return at the end of December. I'm sure you'll she her on one of your ferry trips to the mainland. BHI, what a nice stop to lay back and relax, take some great walks with the kids, smell the roses or might it be oleander, and putter. Back to PA on Monday. We've got a ton of stuff to get caught up on. Perhaps Dixie and Gracie will get up with Dyna and Dylan next summer in ME! 73, John and Marilyn