Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Emergencies & Cruising...

While cruising, all issues are amplified. Run out of milk? At our land home - no problem. On the boat, it requires planning and coordination. So what happens when a family emergency strikes?

We were needed for an extended family emergency. The call occurred while underway to Beaufort, NC. Through some extraordinary help from Jim and Robin along with exceptional service from the Morehead City Yacht Basin marina, we were 400 miles inland in Tennessee just 9 hours later. I've had to wait more than 9 hours for fresh coffee at times!

For 10 days we've been helping out with our niece and nephew. The emergency is subsiding and recovery is beginning. We should be back on the boat and heading to Bald Head Island by the weekend.

For Dyna & Dylan it has all been an unexpected adventure. Dylan has renewed his interest in sending squirrels up trees and Dyna has gotten to know her cousin Dixie. I think they're both a little homesick for returning back to where they have a normal schedule.


John said...

I thought that picture out at BHI looked too staged! So you're still inland. Sorry we missed you, maybe later in the year, and then there's ME next summer!

We had a nice trip down to Southport. APRS tracked us all the way except for a short run below the Solomons.

Don't rush!

Unknown said...

We see you're hunkered. Have a good stay. Give the Pups a hug from Elaine & I. Marin says meow.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I