Monday, August 23, 2010

One well-behaved dog is permitted...

Dogs, gear, and things-we-can't-possibly-live-without were all loaded up on Sunday for the 2 day drive back to the boat. Everyone was excited about heading back - the dogs knew something was up and were searching for all clues. We had a nice last week saying goodbye to friends. If we get to the west coast of Florida we'll see many of them over the Winter. Other friends need to come meet us somewhere along the path!

Driving over 2 days means staying somewhere overnight. Thankfully, all Red Roof Inn's allow "one well-behaved dog" in the rooms. So we made reservations at the Wilkes-Barre, PA inn, arrived after dark, and snuck both dogs in.

Inside the room, Dylan was most certainly showing that he had been cooped up in a car for 11 hours. He was jumping from bed to bed as if he were trying out for a canine Cirque du Soleil. A car door slammed and he started barking. We wondered if we were going to get thrown out.

The 7 hour drive today was long. We arrived to find the boat in beautiful condition (it had been washed twice). The A/C was put on, all items brought onboard, and we settled back to our floating home after meeting a bunch of other trawler people we know who are also here now.

So looking back on our Red Roof Inn experience, we realized that we, in fact, met their pet requirements. We have one well-behaved dog. And then we have Dylan.


Carol 'n Wayne said...

"And then we have Dylan"

LOL, apparently no limit on not well-behaved dogs!

Glad the boat was in good shape, looking forward to following new adventures.

September Song crew said...

I'm sure you and the kids are glad to be back on the water again. Sea you on the waterway.

Anonymous said...

I'll geared up for another winter adventure. We love Red Roof. One sorta behaved, very large dog, and I sneak the kittens in. And wouldn't you know the kittens go for the windows so the manager can see how beautiful they are.