Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Swim

The kids favorite thing about Olverson's Marina is that they get to go swimming every morning. Even Dyna is awake by 7 am pacing the floor. Dyna loves to swim. Dyna would rather swim than do anything else, literally. (Dylan feels the same way about eating.) The minute we let her off the leash she is leaping and prancing like a puppy. She retrieves her bumper until we force her to stop and catch her breath - afterall she is in her 80's now.

So what's in it for us? A half hour swimming means a day of sleeping. We only need to provide the air conditioned salon, the sofa, and a sheet to soak up the water. It's a dog's life!

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Sheila and Bill Corbett said...

With the hot spell we've had here in Castine this week, my routine has been much the same as Dylan & Dyna's. The water temp in Hatch Cove (at high tide) must be around 70 degrees. Feels great!