Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ActiveCaptain on the iPad

Here are some screen shots of the iPad application to be released in a few days that fully supports all of ActiveCaptain's data offline. No internet connection is needed to view all of the marinas, anchorages, bridges, locks, boat ramps, etc., along with all of the reviews. It works incredibly well and even rotates the chart as your boat is turning.

Enough writing about it - here's what it looks like. Click any picture to see the full size.

Zoomed out view of Charleston (the round red dot is our location)

Zoom in a little to our location

Tap on the red marina marker - up comes a pick list

Select Charleston Maritime Center - displays results in tabs

Show the Services data

Display the Reviews

Move over to the famous Matanzas inlet area - see the yellow hazards

Tap on a hazard and display it's details

Show the hazard's Comments

It all works extremely well right now. Obtaining the software allows you to run it on both an iPhone and iPad at the same time. It works identically on the iPhone except for the smaller screen. The data is identical.

Tap in the (i) icon in the bottom right, select ActiveCaptain, and you can Update your data to retrieve all marker information and reviews that have been changed since the last synchronization.

And of course it follows your position optionally locking your GPS position in the center of the screen, turning the display as you turn.

This is way, way cool...


Sheila and Bill Corbett said...

Looks great! How is the zoom level controlled? In the standard iPhone pinch/unpinch method?

MV Red Head said...

Yeah, pinching in and out does zooming. Because it also allows for rotation, twisting your wrist with 2 fingers touching rotates the chart as well.

Double-tap zooms in too.

First Mate and Skipper said...

WHEW! So very glad to read today's blog that the APP is coming. Go my 3G iPad last Friday by FEDEX and it's PERRRFECT for Active Captain and SO FAST that words can't fully accomodate. Any idea what the APP will be Named and when it might appear in iTune Store (price doesn't really matter, gotta have it). Got a watertight case but need one with a powercord exit to charge the iPad in use. Will advise when found.

John said...

Now can you do that with a pc? I mean can you download the AC material for use when not connected?

MV Red Head said...

First, the iPhone/iPad app is A coming update to Navimatics Charts & Tides. Grab the free Seattle demo to see what it looks like (without ActiveCaptain) on your own iPad. Then there are different versions for different US regions. The whole east from Maine to the Keys and back up the west coast of Florida costs $19.99. The update will have the ActiveCaptain integration.

Then John, yes, you can doi this same time of thing now on a PC. Coastal Explorer has the same support. So does MaxSea Time Zero (about to be released). They use the same technologies that we provide for iPhone/iPad in full PC navigation products. Check out Coastal Explorer on our home page now. MaxSea will have an announcement shortly and we'll provide their software too when available.

MV Red Head said...

Sorry for all of the typos. We're offshore and I did a poor job of proof reading!

First Mate and Skipper said...

WhooHoo, Yippee: Navimatics East Coast and Navimatics Caribbean are EXCELLENT apps and already up and running on the iPad and iPhone...that WONDERFUL news that Active Captain is coming out as an UPDATE to Navimatics....WONDERFUL.
Really GREAT NEWS for iPad users and those thinking about becoming iPad users!!

Douglas Gould said...

$hi!.. now I have to get an iPad. Thought I would do without one..... guess not. I'll wait for next gen, but I gotta have one.

Bruce C Moore said...

Nice work. As an all Mac household/boathold (is that a word?) we've been waiting for this for a long time.

The Charts & Tides app with the Active Captain data integrated turns our iPhones and 3G iPad into a wonderful combination of back-up location aware charts and interactive cruise guide.

It is particularly nice for whoever is lookout/nav to be able to pan/zoom around and identify markers, hazards, services and alternate destinations - all while the person at the helm uses installed gear to pilot.

Sweet implementation. I was happy to post a 5 star review (Belltown) for the West Coast version. And, I must admit, it was fun to find our own Active Captain reviews on many locations in our home waters.

Thanks so much. And happy birthday to Dyna!

MV Red Head said...

Thanks Bruce - your comment made us all smile here. We use our iPad the same way. Whoever is not piloting is watching for what's up ahead. The nice thing is that if the main electronics fail, we're right there with a backup ready to take over.

Lots more coming with it. We have a pages of ideas for this "companion" use and will be definitely adding to the web site and partner products with that vision.

Anonymous said...

Nice iPad App. Looking forward to the "page of ideas". Any chance we can get to see those ideas and the chance to comment or beta test them?

TugNut member "baz" (Real name Barry Sharp)

MV Red Head said...

Hi Barry - we often talk about upcoming features in our newsletters and we almost always have a test version available before release. For this latest user-interface with the card metaphor and NOAA charts, we had a test version up for 6 months getting feedback. We'll surely do that again.

The next things on the list are a Captains card and an ability to create routes. Each of those goes pretty deep...