Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dyna's Birthday

May 19th is Dyna's birthday. This year she's 12. While most dogs would be content to find a shady spot to sleep all day, Dyna is usually first in line doing whatever we're doing, pushing Dylan out of the way if necessary.

This morning started out with Dyna's most favorite of activities - swimming. Given the choice between eating raw meat and swimming...Dyna would jump in the water.

Bright and early we took her off the dock and onto the point at Lodge Creek. She'll retrieve that orange bumper until we have to force her to come back for breakfast. It doesn't matter what else is happening outside. Dyna is fixated on the bumper and diving in the water.

An older dog is a beautiful thing. They start to realize their limitations and gracefully look for help with certain things that were once so easy. Dyna can't jump up on the bed any longer. She now puts both paws on the mattress, turns back and looks for assistance. Some nights she's too tired to even walk down below and instead stays curled up in her bed for the night.

For most of the day, Dyna slept. She was always around no matter what we were doing, but a morning of swimming means a day of sleeping for Dyna now.

While out shopping on Tuesday we bought some special treats to give the girl on her special day. She loved them even though she had to share some with the little brat (Dylan).

By night, we realized that she'd need a little medication for pain, but that's OK. And with the cooler weather, she did make it down the steep stairs at night to complete her day. One little lift of her hind legs brought her in bed, all curled up at my feet, dreaming of swimming in the morning.


Sheila and Bill Corbett said...

Dyna is a great example for us all on how to age gracefully.

But fixated on a throwing toy? I've certainly never seen such a thing.

MV Red Head said...

Yes, I could see how that might be foreign to you...

Give Riggs a scratch by the way.


Cassie and Godiva said...

Happy birthday Dyna from Cassie and Godiva. Godiva here...I get the same help when it's time for bed, but when it comes to swimming, I'M THERE WITH YOU!!!!! I don't know why Mom and Dad keep throwing my ball away, but I will keep bringing it back. Cassie here... I don't need any help yet, but I like hunting for fish.

Ron Rogers said...

George here, wishing you a happy, happy birthday. I just turned 11 and Ron has had to help me into bed for almost a year now. What does your Mommy give you for pain? I think I may need Ron to get me some as my hind legs are painful, but I hide it from him. Boy, I wish the water here were clean so that I could swim lkie you!