Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Wiki for Mariners...

MadMariner and Navagear did a review comparing ActiveCaptain to 3 other similar sites. Tim did a good review and we'll take the A-. Tim would have liked to see a "Hazard" type of marker added to our site. We know it's needed too. In fact, it's already in the X Preview tab which is the next version of our Interactive Cruising Guidebook.

As cruisers ourselves we know that up-to-date information is critical to safe passages. The reality is that the official nautical charts don't get updated often enough with the data we need. It's up to all of us to help each other. That's the whole idea behind ActiveCaptain.

In fact, Tim's "Old pier eliminated" hazard is already in X Preview along with many others through the Atlantic ICW. This new yellow/orange hazard marker will become live for everyone when we make X live. We're getting closer to having that complete. Note also how X Preview shows the new hazard marker on top of real NOAA nautical charts. We think this will be one of the most important additions to ActiveCaptain ever made.

We also think that our pre-loaded, already available markers for every marina and thousands of anchorages is a huge benefit to any cruiser planning their adventures and cruises. Added with that are all of the reviews, thousands of them, giving personal experiences and impressions. As we are planning our day-to-day movements now, those are the things that we find most important.

It's nice to see our web site in print! And the suggestions in reviews like Tim's make us work harder to produce a better product.

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