Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Miss Val....

Soon after Jeff and I were married I went back to night school to get an MBA while I continued to work full-time. Something had to give so I hired a cleaning women to come once a week - a luxury my mother never had. This “habit” stayed even after I finished school and we've had some great people over the years. For the past 5 or 6, we've had Val.

Val's job is to come once a week to keep the dog hair to a gentle roar, make sure my bathrooms are not conducting any science experiments, and administer the required amount of belly rubs to Dylan (who complains that she loafs on the job). I love Val because she helps keep my life in order and she's a wonderful person.

Almost two weeks ago we said goodbye to Val. She's filled our spot with other clients with a promise to fit us in if she can when we return - I'm trying hard not to wish any of them harm.

So as we spend day two comfortably anchored in Northport, I decide it's time to thoroughly clean the cabin. How can two dogs generate so much hair?! Fortunately I have discovered a magical dog hair tool. Actually, it's been on the boat for years but I was never sure why I had it...

I moved this funny looking rubber brush-like thing around the “dog bin” for the past couple of cruises. Finally, the other day I tried brushing it across a cushion and was stunned at how the dog hair came up. It's called a Sweepa and even has a sharp edger for pulling the hair out of cracks. I'm adding it to "Products and Tips We Love." I honestly don't know where I got it but they do have a web site (

Don't worry Val, you're still irreplaceable. The Sweepa can't do belly rubs.


One More Time Around said...

It's very satisfying to get that hair up. Your dogs are giving you that opportunity. Actually it's a small inconvenience for all the joy they bring.

Unknown said...

you could be a hand model!! :-)

Unknown said...

I agree with the hand model comment. And
I'm enjoying the videos. But how do you get Dyna and Dylan on and off the dinghy from the boat?

MV Red Head said...

Deborah - good question about Dyna and Dylan and the dinghy. We should take some pictures.

aCappella has side doors. When they open, the dogs can easily jump from the big boat onto the rubber pontoons of the dinghy and then onto the floor of the dinghy. It isn't graceful, but it works.

To get them back onto the boat, we often help them with their harnesses. Dylan is pretty agile and can usually spring off the rubber pontoon back onto the big boat. Dyna usually needs a little help, especially after swimming.

John said...

We've taken a look at the SWEEPA and frankly the picture looks like an advertisement on TV, one that looks too good to believe!

It must be the "yellow" hairs versus the "black" ones. We left hair embedded in the cushions and carpets of "Yankee Belle" from our trip up to see Dyna and Dylan.

Poor Marilyn and John worked so hard trying to keep ahead of them, but failed ... miserably. Even back in port, masking tape rollers, etc., didn't work.

Back to Sweepa, sure looks like a toy either of us would like to chew on the handle.

We really enjoyed our romp on the beach with your crew (geez, life is boring back home).

Oh, and have you reminded Dylan that I beat him to the baton every time! I only let him bring it out of the water first so he could dance in front of Dyna.

Enjoy your trip.

Dixie and Gracie.

Val said...

Hi Karen and Jeff. How are the four of you doing? Hope you are rubbing Dylan's belly for me, and giving Dina extra hugs and kisses, without Dylan around, you know how jelouse Dylan gets. Hopefully Jeff has stopped sobbing over missing me, and Karen I miss you. My computer is slow and old so I've been walking across the street to my daughter, Jessie's house, to use her computer. I still have my e-mail account, Ill be checking your blog frequently Talk to you both soon, and take care of my two dogs. Have a safe journey love you two.