Thursday, May 14, 2020

Good Luck

According to legend, a bird on your boat is good luck. We have had several over the years. This afternoon a beautiful tiny black bird with gold markings was flying around the salon. It landed near the window in the mezzanine. Jeff opened the window and the little guy eventually flew out unharmed. What about the kids you ask. They didn’t bat an eye.

We are leaving soon to head north out of the hurricane zone. We’ll take this as a good omen.


Kent said...

If a Bird Poops on you while on your Boat-- It's a very good Omen.. Lol-- I don't know if thst's true or not..

We were Run'n in the middle of the L.I. Sound one day-- A Bird landed on our Stern and rode with us for about a half Hour.. I guess He/She was tired

MV Red Head said...

Your comment got me thinking. Checked near the window and the little guy did leave a couple of presents...