Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Dee Dee’s Turn

Red Head has spent a week back at Zimmerman Marine having engine maintenance and a few other small projects done. Mom and Dad have gotten a few more things off their to-do list.

Boatyards are certainly not the best places for the crew. Mom has been taking Dylan and Dora on long walks each morning. But the most fun has been had by Dee Dee.

Her dad takes her to the big field every morning to play double tennis ball retrieve.
She loves it!


Lawrence Leonard said...

We see you are down at Great Bridge. You're ahead of Bob423! I don't ever remember anyone getting ahead of Bob. Have a great trip South and give the kids a hug for us.
Elaine & Lawrence C.L.O.D.

MV Red Head said...

Bob almost caught up with us but he’s going to be stuck waiting for the Alligator River Bridge to be repaired while we’re going around. It’s has not been a great run. Next time we’ll wait for Bob to pass us by. 😉

Kids hugged. Licks sent back your way.