Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What About Dylan and Dee Dee?

Dylan and Dee Dee may not join Dora on her dog park trip but they are still enjoying visiting DC. So what is their routine?

Mom heads out early before the heat really kicks in. First, she takes Dylan for a walk along the waterfront at The Wharf. There are long piers to visit, side streets to explore, and lots of people saying how cute he is. Note the Washington Monument in the background.

Then it’s Dee Dee’s turn. The kids let Mom know when it’s time to get out of the heat and back to the blessed A/C on the boat. This morning things had cooled after a fierce storm last night so the walk was longer than it has been.

There are plenty of trees and posts and planters so Dylan and Dee Dee can send and receive their pee-mail.

There are even fire hydrants.

Of course, Dora thinks it is all terribly unfair that she is left behind. No worry, her dog park time is coming.


John said...

Why no dog park for Dee Dee and Dylan?
We just got back from a short trip to ME, nothing like going on a boat!


MV Red Head said...

Hi John!

The dog park is about a mile walk and it has been way too hot for Dylan to go, especially since Jeff takes Dora at 9 so she can play with her friend Stella. Dylan does about 20-30 minutes depending on the heat and then starts dragging. Dee Dee does a little better in the heat but she has become “unreliable” with unfamiliar dogs, so we only take her in if no other dogs are around. Otherwise, she gets walked.

Have been very much missing Maine, our short trip wasn’t enough. Glad you got to float again.

Hugs to everyone.

Hudson River Boater said...

Pee Mail-- Love it.. Lol..

MV Red Head said...

Jeff says they’re looking for their IP address... 😉