Monday, February 25, 2019


Ever since Dora’s first docking adventure Red Head has been outfitted with an increasing array of barries. She’s been nicknamed Houdini as she finds new ways to get where she wants to go.

Her dad created a platform to assist getting the dogs from the boat to the fixed dock at various tides here in the Bahamas. Incorporated is a barrier to keep them from attempting a getaway - actually, to keep Dora from escaping.

A 100+ foot yacht pulled in beside Red Head this weekend. There were several young crewmembers who spoiled the Red Head crew. They were preparing to leave just as the crew returned from the beach. As Dee Dee was being rinsed, there was a commotion on the dock. Dora had escaped and was running around on the yacht. As no one saw the actual escape, we assume Dora crawled under the ramp and unto the dock.

So now there is a new barrier...


John said...

Following your adventures everyday either at the beach, or on the deck, great looking barriers!

MV Red Head said...