Monday, November 19, 2018

First and Last

Today Dora had her first surgery that we hope will be her last. Dad took her in early this morning to Seaside Veterinary Clinic where she was scheduled to be spayed. Dora's dad stayed with her as she woke. She did fine and was home before noon.

There will be no stair climbing or jumping up and certainly no going to the dog park for the next few days. That means she can't sleep in the master stateroom. Don't worry her dad will be taking good care of her. Such a spoiled girl...

November 20

Today Dora received a beautiful bouquet of roses and a get well card from her friends Oliver and Muffin on Big Woof! Feeling better already.

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Bob said...

Dora is a lucky pup - she hit the doggie lottery when she became a member of the Red Head crew. She has lots to be thankful for - Happy Thanksgiving!