Sunday, December 18, 2016

Goin' on a Toot


About this time last year we were in Brunswick and rented a car to drive to Green Cove Springs where we became Florida residents and registered aCappella in the state of Florida. This past week we rented a car to once again drive from Brunswick to Green Cove Springs. This time to register Red Head. If all goes as planned, we will be bringing her into Florida in a couple of weeks.

We decided to take advantage of the rental car to get  the kids off the boat and take them on a toot, or two...

On Wednesday we went north stopping at Hinckley Yacht Services and Thunderbolt Marina in Savannah. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day so Dylan and Dee Dee mainly stayed in the car but, as always, they were just happy to be going somewhere.

Then on Thursday we drove south down to Green Cove Springs and took care of our business there. Dylan and Dee Dee once again waited patiently in the car.

Well, maybe just a bit bored...

But they were rewarded when we stopped by the Marina at Ortega Landing in Jacksonville and they met up with some fellow canine crew members for a good romp.

Which meant a quiet ride back to Brunswick.

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