Monday, June 27, 2016


The crew has been very busy getting their new home ready. In fact, too busy to take more than a few pictures. There has been moving and unpacking and cleaning and exploring.

There's been learning where the water and all important food dishes are, where to do business (Dylan was right onboard while Dee Dee is proving to be more of a problem - surprise!), where to nap and to watch the docks. It's been exhausting!

Today Dylan and Dee Dee helped with the first pump out.

Dee Dee decided to check it out a little closer. It's a dog thing...

Everyone is happy to fall into (the king-size) bed at night and sleep until day break. We hope to leave tomorrow to head back to Deltaville where even more packing and unpacking and cleaning await. As my father was found of saying, "You can sleep when you get old."

The next adventure begins!

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