Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sans Crew

Today Mom and Dad did something different. Along with four other boaters (including Gracie's Mom and Dad) they hired a fast boat and captain and headed to Hoffman Cay. The crews on aCappella and Carolina stayed behind to man the mother ships.

The main attraction was the blue hole in the middle of Hoffman's Cay -  a huge round, salt-water hole in the middle of the rock island, 600 feet deep. There's a 25 foot high rock platform that a few of the crazier members of the party jumped off of.

A visit to Flo's for lunch, a snorkel stop, a tour around Great Harbour Cay, and we were back before the crew's suppertime.  But don't worry about the crew being too neglected. It's Tuesday tonight so they got to enjoy a dinghy ride for the Drink n Drift.

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