Thursday, October 31, 2013

Busy, Busy


The crew has been enjoying the height of southern hospitality this week here at Midway Marina in Fulton, Mississippi. We had spent 10 days at anchor in Bay Springs Lake, which has made our time at the dock busier than normal. There's laundry to catch up on and shopping to do and boat cleaning. That's on top of the usual ActiveCaptain activities. Plus Jeff has been finishing the ActiveCaptain Companion and finally submitted the Apple version last night for approval.

Dylan and Dee Dee have been very busy too. They've kept track of hundreds of coots floating near the boat each day.

There are five docks that have to be visited, checking for other dogs, new transients, and anybody who might have treats. Of course, every visitor to their boat, two and four legged, has to be greeted.

They get up early to take their mom and dad on a morning walk to the nearby field where they have to chase the stick or the Frisbee. Sometimes there's tasty treats on the ground.  We usually do it again in the late afternoon or evening.

If Mom and Dad go out for the evening, Dylan and Dee Dee must stand watch for any dangers that may threaten the boat.

And Dee Dee must somehow fit in her favorite shows on the Nature channel. I believe she was watching one about lions...

Don't forget there's breakfast and supper and naps and new toys to play with.

They've got to have a good tussle now and then.

No wonder they're exhausted by the end of the day.

It's one hard working crew we have on aCappella.

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