Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

Our newest crew member continues to grow, although not at quite the breakneck rate she was a few weeks ago. She's outgrown her little girl harness, so I've put her in one of Dyna's old harnesses. It's a touch big at the neck but I had to move it off the smallest setting around the middle. Of course, that meant she was able to wiggle her mouth under the neck piece and begin chewing.

But the really big news this week is that Dee Dee has finally mastered the ominous stairs to below and not a bit too soon. We were both feeling our backs about to reach their limit. Jeff got a blurry photo of one descent as she raced down. Once she'd done it, it became a game repeatedly going up and down.

Like so many things in life, this accomplishment has its pluses and minuses. Sure it makes nighttime simpler and we no longer have a barking puppy sitting at the top of the stairs when we go below for a bit. But think of poor Dylan.

His already small world on a boat keeps getting smaller. His only two remaining harbors of refuge are the bed as Dee Dee is still too small to get up without help. And should Dee Dee climb up unto the settee in the pilothouse she's afraid to jump back down - unfortunately, her barking is persistent enough that if she wants down, it happens fairly quickly.

Of course, there are other fascinating items she has discovered. Like the toilet paper roll. Fortunately, there were just a few sheets left.

However, the next day while we were outside messing with the lines and after I had put a new roll on, she got bored and discovered it again. She's our 4th puppy, you would think we would have this stuff down by now...

And what could be more fun than chewing Mom's slippers? I keep them on the floor beside the dresser - well, I used to anyway.

So as items are cleared away and placed high in the staterooms, we still manage to beam with pride as our little girl grows up. As for Dylan, he thought it was just fine when Dee Dee was stuck at the top of the stairs.

Poor Dylan.


Kai O'T said...

Where is aCapella now?

Jeff said...

We're in Green Turtle Bay Resort & Marina in Kentucky right now.