Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Dyna's Birthday!

Today is Dyna's 14th birthday. That's, well, really old in dog years. The hearing is shot. The back legs are weak. Sleeping is the favorite pastime. But let Dylan bark about some looming danger or Mom and Dad grab the leash and she's right there. Dyna ain't gonna miss any of the action.

It's been quite a year since Dyna celebrated her 13th birthday. She spent a leisurely summer back at her land-based home in Castine, Maine.

She ensured the boat and its crew came through Hurricane Irene unscathed.

The biggest change for Dyna came in September. She had life saving surgery in Richmond, VA to help her breathing. Although she is no longer allowed to swim, she still is up for a good romp in the dog park.

She put a few more overnight passages under her belt. Checked out new marinas and anchorages and always found the breezy spot on the boat.

And of course, helped keep a watch on the dolphins.

Thanksgiving was spent with family in Tennessee.

A quiet Christmas onboard but there was no way she was sharing her Christmas treat.

Most of the winter was spent at Ortega Landing in Jacksonville, FL were there were plenty of dog friends.

And even more dog friends.

She supervised aCappella's electronics refit and even endured a week in a La Quinta hotel.

There were two trips up the St. Johns River, one requiring her to entertain two Garmin engineers and a magazine writer. A visit to the Outback Crab Shack. An invite to a fellow cruiser's house for dinner. A visit from Castine friends Sue and Bob when aCappella was in Fernadina Beach to attend an MTOA Rendezvous. Almost daily visitors to the boat wanting to say hello.  And two different stops at Cumberland Island.

No wonder this old girl gets tired sometimes.

As we started heading north, another generation of Dyna offspring entered the world as Dyna's great-great granddaughter had her own litter of 7 puppies. What is cuter than a puppy?

A few more stops at marinas and anchorages heading north including several days at Dowry Creek Marina...

and this season's cruising has come to an end. Dyna supervises the projects needed to be done before aCappella can be given a rest for the summer.

Soon Dyna will travel back to Maine for a few months of R&R while she dreams about her next adventures.

Happy Birthday, Dyna!


Bob said...

Happy Birthday, Dyna. I turned 12 in January and Cassie turned 11 in April. We miss you and your peeps.

Godiva and Cassie

John said...

Happy Birthday from Dixie also 14 and Gracie your black cousins!

Mary Minard said...

What a lovely review of her 13th year! Cruiser (13), her Beaufort beau, hopes for another romp in Maine. May her paws stay warm and her toys stay squeaky.

Ralph Yost said...

wow. Each year passing is even more amazing when a dog is aging.
Striper is 9 yrs old. We love our dogs, but I dont look forward to the last days.