Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dylan's new girlfriend...

Springtime in Savannah, Georgia.  Sweet magnolia in the air can only mean one thing - falling in love.  And the bug has bitten Dylan.

First, the meeting.

Her golden brown color.  Her fluffy tail.  But will she play?

Tillie (formal name Tiller) is from Nordic Tug Quest.  Word has it that both boats are heading to Beaufort, South Carolina tomorrow and another play date is scheduled there.


Dave Gibson said...

They're made for each other! Nice meeting you folks yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the pot luck.

MV Red Head said...

Pam and Dave,

We didn't realize you were "the" Pam and Dave that we hear from on the blog! Great to be able to put a person(s) to the online presence. Last night was fun, both the potluck and the playdate after.

Karen and Jeff