Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Sexiest Man Alive

Admit it, gals. There's nothing sexier than a man wearing rubber gloves. At the galley sink, in the head, wiping down woodwork, give me that over Brad Pitt any day. In the stateroom might be creepy, unless he was scrubbing the floors.

We have not done a thorough cleaning inside and out since we've been back onboard. Moving south, business, travel, are all things that have kept us busy and just keeping ahead of the dog hair has been a challenge.

Arriving back at the boat following Thanksgiving we realized it was time - past time. So we decided to take a section each day and do a complete "spring cleaning." Hey, these temps in Maine would definitely qualify for spring.

We started at the back and are working our way forward - saloon, galley, pilothouse. She is looking good. Of course, the dog hair keeps chasing us but then it's such a small price to pay for these two cuties.

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UseDaGreyMatter said...

Nothing sexier with clothes on. LOL