Friday, August 26, 2011

New Adventures

Early in the summer we selected August 24th as the day we would leave our land-based home in Maine and head back to the boat. September is actually the best month to be in Maine but we have several commitments to speak in the Chesapeake in September so we stuffed the car to the gills, loaded up the crew, and departed.

Once again we fulfilled the requirements of the Red Roof Inn for "one well-behaved dog" - see last August's entry "One well-behaved dog is permitted...". The crew handled two days in a car well and were happy to be back onboard.

If you're wondering where we are, look at the track for Irene. I guess we should be flattered that the National Hurricane Center thought we were important enough to highlight our location.

So today we will spend time preparing for the storm we hope will miss us. We'll get to break in the new foul-weather gear we splurged on last spring. There will be lots of practice tying lines and we'll find out if we really did seal up all the leaks. We've got plans A, B, C and more, including overnight bags and dog food in the car should Dyna and Dylan get to spend another night in a Red Roof Inn.

We hope everyone stays safe!


Anonymous said...

Hang on to something tight.
Castine is a bustle. Boats streaming in for Smith's Cove, the town docks being pulled. Everyone ready and anxious for what's to arrive. Yeah Red Roof.

Unknown said...

Are all of you OK?
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I

Unknown said...

We read in the ActiveCaptain newsletter that you, the pups, and M/V aCappella are all fine. Elaine and I are so relieved. We hope none of us have to deal with bad weather of that magnitude ever again. It is part of life on and near the water, so when it happens again, we hope all of you make it safely to safe harbor and calm water. Give the kids a hug for us and give yourselves one as well!
Fair winds and Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I