Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dark & Stormy...

It was definitely a dark & stormy night. We knew some wind was coming and it had been raining off and on. At 3:30 am we awoke to a lot of movement and 40 knot winds. We got up to add some more lines and fenders and found that 1/3rd of one of the spring lines had frayed from the incredible stress. We added 4 additional lines, 3 fenders, and cocked the boat in the slip slightly to keep the bow in and stern out. The extra lines did a great job and we got back to sleep around 5.

In the morning the wind was still blowing around 30 knots so we headed out to the beach with the dogs. The wind blowing against the sand made it look fog-like and strange. I had to capture it on my phone.

When we got to the point where the inlet meets the ocean, it was quite rough outside the large sandy shoal that extends out. Definitely not a day to be out in a boat.

Dyna continues to run along the beach - she is happiest when surrounded by water. Dylan found a large sand crab trying to find a new home and almost got badly nipped in the nose by a pincher claw. How much you wanna bet he heads right back to the same spot looking for that crab tomorrow?

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Mike & Patt on Salt 'n Light said...

Good Morning Jeff & Karen, I'm up at Wrightsville Beach not too far from you guys. Kind of a dreary morning today. Planning on putting on an additional line or two as it appears we're going to get a good blow over the next few days.

How are you finding the Bald Head Marina? That is a favorite stop for us but always find things a bit rolly in the basin, even in relatively calm weather.