Monday, September 20, 2010

Wash Day

I love the way my dogs smell. Not when they're fresh from a bath with the smell of soap and perfume but honest to goodness dog smell.

Unfortunately, dogs get a bad rap for smelling bad. It's not the dog that smells bad, it's the things that dogs generally like that smell bad - like river water. And Dyna and Dylan have spent some serious quality time in river water lately.

So when a rank aroma started greeting me each time I stepped onto the boat, I decided it was time to wash the dogs. You'd think that dogs who love the water as much as these two wouldn't mind a bath. You'd be thinking wrong.

But the deed is now done and in 24 hours or so the smell of soap will have gone away. Then I'll sink my nose into that soft fur and take a heavenly whiff.

1 comment:

penbayman said...

Ok this looks all too familiar..except the sailboat..our pups really enjoy rolling in most any disagreeable substance they can find..into the bath tub they go..first thing they do is roll again (hopefully not the same foul substance)'s a never ending battle