Friday, August 29, 2008

Northeast Harbor and home...

We pulled up the anchor at Roque and took an outside route away from all of the lobster pots back to Mt. Desert Island. It was a flat calm day and the 40 miles zipped by. We arrived at Northeast Harbor at around noon and grabbed a town mooring. After lowering the dinghy we all went ashore to walk around the town. The main purpose of this outing was to find a place where Karen and I could go back to for dinner later in the evening.

Back onboard, it was dinner time for the dogs. They quickly get the pattern and timing of everything on the boat. They know that they're not allowed in the galley when their food is being put together. Eight paws and four legs in that small space is just too much. So they wait patiently in the pilothouse until given the "all clear" signal. Each day, they push a little further without breaking this rule.

After the kids were well fed, we took off in the dinghy and had a great dinner at the Tan Turtle Tavern - try saying that three times fast. It's a new place with an excellent menu. We need to go back by car this Winter.

The morning brought an end to our excellent weather. Fog. Thick fog. Normal Maine fog. We gave it a couple of hours to burn off and decided that we've been through worse fog before so we dropped the mooring and headed for home.
By the time we got about halfway home at Casco Passage, the fog was gone and we enjoyed a quiet, breezy trip home.

All in all, it was a great five day trip. It reminded us how nice the boat can be and how time seems to stand still when we're on it. This was the longest that both dogs have been on the boat and things seemed to work themselves out. We definitely need much, much more practice...

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