Monday, March 23, 2020


Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora have been living with the changes caused by the Coronavirus. They are doing their part where they can but this “social distancing” thing has them a little confused. Are their “6 feet” calculated in the same way as “dog years”? Does that make a foot enough?

In reality, things have changed mostly for the better with the Red Head crew. They are enjoying even more time with Mom and Dad than usual. The crew never could figure out why they would ever be left alone.

Unfortunately, their Bahamas trip has been canceled. Red Head will be staying in a Key West for now until the situation becomes more clear - if it ever does. For Mom and Dad it’s a very different place as this lively destination turns into a ghost town.

The crew’s schedule is unchanged - up at 6 am, breakfast, short nap, trip to the dog park and a walk, spending the rest of the day guarding against pirates (plus a few more naps), supper, and then cuddle time with a Mom and Dad until bedtime.

No worries, we’re all doing just fine. The Red Head projects list is steadily shrinking. There are lots of new recipes to try - Mom has learned how to make seitan. Dad has been tearing up the guitar. There are books to read, movies to watch, and kids to play with. While it may not be the winter we had planned, we are healthy and have the resources we need. With so many facing so much worse, we feel extremely fortunate. Looking forward to the good times ahead.


JollyTime said...

I'd like to see some of those Seitan Recipes!! Go Vegan JJ

JollyTime said...


MV Red Head said...

Love to share recipes. Here’s two I’ve made. First is a basic seitan loaf. Second is Italian “sausage”. Made Mongolian Seitan and Curried “Chicken” Salad with the loaf . 😋 Plan on making the “sausage” a bit spicier next time but still very good. Enjoy!