Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Poor Girl

Not much new has been happening with the Red Head crew. Dog park in the morning. Walks, toys, and naps in the afternoons. Until today.

Unfortunately, Dora had to go into the cone of shame. She developed a couple of irritations on her paws that she just will not let go. As you can see, the cone has had some use. It has been worn at one time or another by each of the crew members. Dora’s not happy but we’re pretty sure she’s going to live...

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Bob said...

Poor Dora. I use Mushers Secret designed for paws on sled dogs for my Dalmatian year round for all the walking/running we do. It also is a pet safe treatment for irritations anywhere as it can be ingested w/o issue. Best of luck, enjoy your time in KW.