Friday, May 24, 2019

Brother and Sisters

It’s been a hectic time for Mom and Dad. There was the anchorage with the million tiny bugs followed by hours of cleaning them up. The engine troubles as we headed up the Chesapeake Bay that ended in one engine going down. Dad’s first docking with a single engine. He did great. The gale warnings that occurred in the midst of said engine troubles. And even an infestation of frogs (OK, one frog) hiding onboard, most likely to eat the remains of the bugs. 

Through it all the crew remained focused on their tasks. Sleeping and having fun. Sisters Dee Dee and Dora cuddled for a nap.

Dora helped brother Dylan keep watch. 

Dylan and Dora found time to play.

The Red Head crew is now settled into Georgetown Yacht Basin. A Caterpillar mechanic was onboard yesterday to not only fix the engine problem but to show Dad how to do it himself should it happen again underway. Today Mom picks up a rental car. Tomorrow we head to a nearby dog park. Next week a Red Head will be hauled for maintenance work but today life is good.


Hudson River Boater said...

What was Engine problem?

MV Red Head said...

The throttle shaft seal on the injector pump failed and made diesel spray out. I caught it within a few seconds of the failure. It's a big disassembly and re-assembly job (4 hours by a knowledgeable mechanic). Replacing the seal took 30 seconds. It also requires a dozen replacement parts for gaskets, O-rings, and other seals that have to be replaced when the engine is disassembled to get to the injector pump.

Hudson River Boater said...

50 bucks in Parts-- 500 Bucks for Labor? Maybe more-- Probably not less..

I would like to see some Pics. of Red Heads Engine Room..

Jeff said...

Check out: