Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Finish with a Bang!

Today was (probably) the crew’s final trip to the beach here at Great Harbour Cay. Thursday is shaping up as the perfect day to leave for the Abacos and tomorrow is a walk day. Mom was looking forward to getting some final photos to remember the fun times we all had.

Dee Dee and Dora chased the bumper.

Dora put in a bit of coconut digging.

Dylan and Mom wander down the the beach and found a pyramid. It was looking to be the perfect end to our stay. Then all hell broke loose.

Mom heard a commotion and turned around to see the beach empty of the crew but Dad’s red shorts disappearing into the dunes way down the beach. She ran as fast as poor old Dylan could keep up. Turns out Dee Dee decided to run after a couple walking the beach and Dora somehow slipped her collar and joined in. Eventually, all dogs were corralled and beach time was over. The silver lining - Dee Dee and Dora were so tired they hardly pulled a bit on the way back. Dylan was dragging too.

Listen up girls, this better not be an omen for the rest of our time in the Bahamas...


Kimbercat 98 said...

Wow, what an exciting way to remember the final Beach trip on the island. Hope the couple walking wasn't frightened by the abundance of snuggles headed toward them at breakneck speed!
I'm glad Dylan got a little run in as well. I'm sure in his heyday he would have been right there with the girls. A least you both had some quiet time when the crew got back home for naps.

How is Dylan's skin rash doing by the way?

MV Red Head said...

Dylan would have led the charge in his younge days! He hasn’t been in the water for over a week now and his skin is clearing up. Interested to see what happens when we get to the Abacos. Won’t be able to keep him completely out of the water...