Monday, April 1, 2019

After the Seas

Dylan has been such a good boy about his beach restrictions.

Today the beach was covered in great mounds of seaweed following a couple of rough days. Makes for even better smells according to Dylan.

Dee Dee and Dora were happy retrieving the old flip flop they found.


Kimbercat 98 said...

I so enjoy following the adventures of the 12 Sandy Paw Tribe. Have you tried coconut oil for Dylan's skin? It helped with one of my fur babies who had an issue with dry skin in her later life.

MV Red Head said...

Haven’t tried that. Do you use it as a supplement (pour some over food)? He already gets a supplement for his joints that includes fish oil. After just a few day out of the water his skin is clearing up 🎉🎉🎉

Kimbercat 98 said...

No I just rubbed the coconut oil on my hands after I gave her a bath and then rubbed it onto her skin/coat. Almost like a leave in conditioner. It didn't really get her coat oily since I tried to get it mostly one her skin. She would usually lick for a while afterwards though LOL. Bonus, She smelled great.