Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Clampetts...

We like that Red Head is not a spit and polish kind of boat. She works well for the crew. What we didn’t anticipate was that one day she would have a Beverly Hillbillies kind of look. It’s not just the dog paraphernalia everywhere.

Or the beach towels flying from the bow.

Since Dora joined the crew there’s been an ever increasing combination of barriers. Some to keep her on the boat.

Some to keep her off the roof.

Some to keep her away from her dad’s current project.

We sometimes have to resort to an oddly placed fender.

Given Dora’s Houdini ways, her dad constructed a maze of line to keep her from climbing between the rails and off the boat. Yes, she did that one day...

There’s even barriers inside the boat to (try to) keep Dora out of trouble. Red Head may never make the cover of House Beautiful, but she sure is full of love!

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Hudson River Boater said...

Funny-- When I met my Wife she had a Wine & Cheese Boat.. It soon turned into a Budweiser & Potato Chip Boat..