Saturday, March 30, 2019

Poor Dylan

Dylan continues to have skin issues that appear to be related to his beach swimming. New patches are coming out as fast as old ones are healing. Mom and Dad have decided he needs to stay out of the water for now. The problem is what to do with our handsome guy on a beach day.

Today Mom kept Dylan on the leash once the crew got to the beach. But Dylan kept pulling towards the water whenever Dee Dee and Dora went in.

Instead of making the poor boy just watch, Mom decided to take Dylan for a walk down the beach.

She waited until the two girls were engrossed in the bumper and slipped away.

Dylan enjoyed his own solo time while checking out the many beach smells. After all, there are lots of ways to enjoy the beach.

Unless you’re Dee Dee, who only wants to swim. She truly does carry Dyna in her soul.


Hudson River Boater said...

Apoquel has seemed to work for our German Shepard..
I am not Veterinarian-- Just sayin..

MV Red Head said...

Dee Dee has allergies and has been on Apoquel for a couple of years. It’s amazing. Dylan’s problem is only when he swims day after day. Once he stops, it clears up. I think as he is getting older (12 in June), he is losing the natural oils Labs have to protect them. I’m looking into some skins moisturizers.