Friday, March 1, 2019


Dylan and Dee Dee’s best buddy, Gracie, is the world champion when it comes to jumping the waves. The Red Head crew sure misses you sweet girl!

It’s not surprising Labs learn to handle the water and waves. Water is bred into their veins. Dee Dee loves jumping the waves.

So does Dylan. 

Dora has taken a little time but she is also learning to handle herself in the sea. Who knows maybe there’s a bit of Lab in those veins. Or maybe she just has some great teachers. 


John said...

I'm afraid to show these pictures to Gracie! The only thing she's jumping are snow piles, but they're not the same. We even miss the walk to the beach, "chicken bone curve" and all! I understand the entrance to the beach is somewhat different? Gracie, John and Marilyn

MV Red Head said...

We miss you guys! Think of you every morning as we walk to the beach. The entrance is now a bit down the road, just beyond the Gilligan’s Island Villas. There’s a route through the golf course for part of it. Still, we’d walk twice as far to have all of you here. 💕