Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The crew had intended for today’s blog entry to be about throwing off the lines and heading down the Hudson River. While everyone enjoyed the time at Shady Harbor Marina, the crew was itching to move on to new adventures. 

They wanted to tell you how Dora had finished going through heat. Mom and Dad had gotten through a dozen items on their project list. Maybe show some more of those cute cuddle pictures. But things went a little differently. 

Ever since Dora made her way to Red Head’s roof during a past docking at Shady Harbor, she has been tethered in the pilothouse whenever the boat is docking. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t needed any more since Dad constructed gates to keep her contained on the pilothouse level when underway.

Plus, she has pretty much chewed through the leash that was being used. But tethered she was...

As is typical, she cried when her dad left the pilothouse with remote in hand to undock. At some point, Dora became quiet and an unfamiliar alarm sounded but then stopped. Hmmmm, strange.

Mom finished clearing the deck of lines and fenders, then took over at the helm so Dad could make his log entries and put away the remote. Pretty much like any other docking. Then Dad said, “Uh-oh.”

He had discovered what caused the alarm and Dora’s silence. She had consoled herself by chewing on the remote’s cable.

This is not a remote where one can just run into Radio Shack and buy a replacement - wait, are they even in business??? In fact, it is one of the most expensive pieces of electronics on the boat. Of course, we only have one - Mom and Dad had been talking about getting a backup but, well, refer to the previous sentence.

Fortunately, Dad had a summer job in college at a board manufacturer and learned to be a soldering expert.

It took most of the morning but he was able to splice the cable, all 21 wires. She may not be pretty but she works.

Fortunately, Dad has a soft spot for the littlest crew member. She managed to survive the ordeal. But Dora honey, don’t push your luck. 


Hudson River Boater said...

Who writes this Blog? Dylan??

All I can is-- Use: Silicone Heat Shrink..

Pamela said...

Poor Dora. She must have felt so anxious to do so much damage. Glad you were able to make a repair.

Dogs will often chew things that have their people's scents on them. It's why phones and tv remotes are common chew toys for anxious dogs. Maybe it would help to leave Dora with something she is allowed to chew that has your scent on it. Maybe she'd like a Nylabone that you've handled a lot.

MV Red Head said...

The blog is a joint effort of the crew with Mom doing the typing...

We suspect that she saw the "line" going out to her dad, so chose it as her connection to him. One of her favorite toys are the Nylabones - there are 3 or 4 onboard, When she first comes down in the morning, she runs to the toy box and grabs one. Mom often has to take it away from her so she'll "do her business." She had one with her plus her favorite soft monkey - all for naught...

Today, Dad left her untethered, allowing her to "help" with the docking. All went well. Live and learn. Just wish the "learning" part wasn't so expensive... sigh.