Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Big First

Red Head pulled into the anchorage at Northport yesterday. Mom and Dad took down the dinghy in preparation for a morning swim at the same beach Dylan and Dee Dee swam at last summer. We're pretty sure dogs aren't allowed on the beach but at 5:30 am no one seems to mind.

Dylan and Dee Dee understood right away what was happening when Mom put on their dinghy harnesses and Dad fired up the dinghy.  The dinghy was beached and Dylan and Dee Dee were launched. Dora wouldn't follow. She stood on the pontoon crying after them until Mom carried her to the beach. Fortunately, she'll still small enough to carry...

Dora was fascinated as she watched Dylan and Dee Dee retrieve the bumper.

She was willing to wade far in but not to swim. Although, it did looked like she went buoyant a time or two, for a second.

All three crew members had a great time. Dora loved the water. If she decides to swim in the future, that's great. If not, she'll still enjoy romping with her two buddies on the beach.

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