Saturday, March 10, 2018


The crew is gradually settling into their new routine. No one would say Dee Dee is thrilled but she is becoming more accepting. It's a good lesson for the little diva.

True to form, Dylan is handling the situation with his usual aplomb. He loves to play with her, yet doesn't hesitate to let her know when she has gone too far.

Dora is quickly learning the ways of the Red Head crew, including when Dad has his afternoon snack.

Dora has fierce separation anxiety which she expresses quite vocally. It may have been what caused her to be abandoned - but come on folks, there's better ways to handle that - or it may have been caused by her being abandoned. We'll never know. We've started working with her on short separations. Mom will be heading back to Petsmart this morning as soon as they open to get a Thundershirt. We have friends who have found success. At this point, the car could drive to the store on its own and Mom is almost on a first-name basis with the staff. Have a puppy? Just open your wallet and dump out the contents.

Will this be the new Red Head crew? We'll keep you posted.


Unknown said...

I love this. She is a wise girl.

Dave Gibson said...

I only check cruising blogs sporadically now, focusing more on authoring books, but it is gratifying to see that you have adopted another dog. Good on you guys!

It has been a long time since we sold Drift Away, but it is nice to relive our cruise by reconnecting with old friends that we know through their blogs. Keep writing.

Unknown said...

Keeping our fingers (and our Josie’s paws crossed) that his is Dora’s Forever Home. What a lucky pup she would be!

Beverly Bishop said...

Ahhh. Just wait 'til she sees a dolphin! She won the lottery, and so did you.

Sweet Pea said...

So cute Dora the explorer