Saturday, December 16, 2017

Goin' on a Toot

Dylan and Dee Dee are great travelers. It doesn't matter if it's by boat or car, they just love goin'. We'll be heading to grandma's house for Christmas next week. It'll be a long day - nine hours of driving. With their dad out of commission, Mom will be doing all the driving with more breaks.

It's fine with the kids. Mom sets up a comfy spot in the back seat complete with soft rugs to lay on and toys to play with.

They don't even mind wearing their safety harnesses, well not too much.

They generally sleep for much of the ride. Mom and Dad can't complain about the kids when we travel. They're pretty much perfect - even Dee Dee!

So how do you get such terrific travelers? You gotta start them out young.

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Bob said...

Can't say enough positive about the pics with the harnesses tethered to protect the pups. We wouldn't ride in a vehicle nor put a child in a car without the proper features to keep them safely inside the vehicle should the unthinkable happen - our best furry friends should be no different. Harness/PFD on when on the water, harness tethered when we're moving on 4 wheels. Happy holidays!