Monday, December 4, 2017

A Private Dog Park

Dad had to leave for a couple of days to check on the progress of Red Head. At the last minute it was decided that he would drive himself the hour and a half to the airport. Turned out to be a smart move when his return flight was delayed by over 9 hours. It saved Mom from having to make an extra back and forth trip to handle the kids.

The bad thing was Mom didn't have a car to take the kids to the dog park. She's a bit uncertain how taking them by herself would have worked anyway. Someone (who will remain nameless) gets VERY excited when she (did I just give it away???) knows we're at the park.

A second extra long walk didn't cut it. So Dylan and Dee Dee just created their own dog park. We know the pictures are a little blurry but there was lots of activity going on...

It was pretty fun but everyone is happy to have Dad home and be back on schedule.


Pamela said...

Am I crazy for loving to see dogs play bitey face? Some think it looks fierce. But to me, bitey face is like dog thumb wrestling.

MV Red Head said...

"Bitey face" is the perfect description. One of my favorites as well.