Friday, November 24, 2017


Dylan and Dee Dee have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend.

They have their two servants, um, they mean, their Mom and Dad, to ensure they are warm and safe and well fed. "Well fed" being the operative term.

Dee Dee did her best to convince her daddy that she was in fact not "well fed" and so deserved a bit of the Thanksgiving feast.

Dylan tried his best as well. Not to worry. The kids received their own feast and the entire Red Head crew had a great Thanksgiving.

Dylan and Dee Dee wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving! We hope to see you on the water soon.


Pamela said...

Ha ha! I used to think my golden retriever was highly food motivated. And then I fostered a Labrador retriever. Boy, did I learn something about dogs who love food!

Glad everyone had a great holiday!

MV Red Head said...

Food hogs, we call them. Out of 5 Labs, Dyna was our only discerning eater - fresh pineapple but not canned; apples, bananas - too pedestrian, mango - bring it on...

Dylan - I'm pretty sure he'd let you remove a paw for a scrap...