Monday, July 31, 2017


The crew of Red Head just completed over 2 weeks in Boston. They stayed at the Constitution Marina which turned out to be the perfect location. Why?

Mom and Dad loved visiting the many restaurants and sites nearby, and spending time with dear friends. But for Dylan and Dee Dee it was all about...


The dog park!

Just a short walk away was one of the best dog parks the kids have ever visited. And this crew knows dog parks. 

It was a beautiful setting. The dogs and people were friendly.

Dylan and Dee Dee are already planning their return trip.

Located at the Paul Revere Park, Dylan and Dee Dee give it a solid five paws. Definitely, a not to be missed destination in Boston.


Pamela said...

Wow, that looks like fun! Some of our favorite marinas and boatyards (Lady's Island Marina, Yacht Maintenance Company) end up having impromptu dog parks with lots of friendly dock dogs and transient pups. :)

gkwhit01 said...

FYI! Canine influenza hit Louisville, Ky this summer! Are you aware of this deadly flu? A two stage vaccine is available from local Vets. If boaters are arriving from other US locations then if their dogs have been exposed they can spread the flu. Google it for more info. I am a foster for the Ky Humane Society and they had 3 cases so they stopped taking new intakes. Cats can also be affected. Love your photos and blog!