Monday, June 12, 2017


If you don't have patience when you start boating, you'll learn to have lots of it if you want to keep boating. Delays are a way of life. There's weather and maintenance problems and sometimes you just decide to stay a little longer because you like it. Those are the best times.

Fortunately, Red Head's crew does pretty well on the patience scale. A comfy bed and a favorite toy keeps them happy.

And of course, they always have each other.

It has been a long week for the crew on Red Head. There was engine work being done before we made our way north and on to Maine. If all had gone as planned we would be leaving New Jersey by now... sigh.

Unfortunately, the engine gods had other plans. After several failed attempts to leave Deltaville, we finally threw off the lines last Friday.

Dad was looking forward to trying out the new anchor. Three anchorages and she didn't budge an inch. Dad's happy.

Sure, we're running "a bit late" but that's alright. The kids don't mind. They take it in their stride.

If they only had that kind of patience at supper time. That's hard...


Hudson River Boater said...

Are you going to run through the L.I. Sound to Maine??

Again-- Good Anchorage on the north side of Cocknoe Island off of Westport, CT.

Would love to meet Dylyn & Dee- Dee.. I'll bring Doggie Treats..

Hudson River Boater said...

Would love to meet Red Head and all her crew too..