Sunday, February 19, 2017

Well, We Never...

This week Dylan and Dee Dee have suffered more injustices. They were banished to the master stateroom while the new carpeting was being laid in the salon. OK, so maybe there are worse things than lying around on a soft bed, sniffing smells through the screen door, and getting an occasional belly rub. But they just couldn't help but wonder what great things were happening that they weren't a part of...

They passed the time with a little tussling.

A little goofiness (yes, that's a word, we Googled it).

In the afternoon they helped Daddy do some projects on the back deck. OK, maybe they just sat on the back deck while Daddy did some projects but there was lots of moral support going on.

They are scheduled to finish laying the carpet tomorrow. Then the crew can get back to their regular routine. That sure makes Dylan happy.


Hudson River Boater said...

Get Red Head move'n. Time to Burn some Fuel.. Hope to see you moving soon. Canada? Up the Mighty Hudson?

Mary Minard said...

Tilley is at Sunset also getting ready to cross to the Bahamas. Are you headed to your usual place?

MV Red Head said...

Hudson River Boater, we hope to be moving soon...


I will count the days until I can meet my true love again. Yes, we are going to our favorite swimming spot in the Bahamas.


Concerned Courtsider said...

Ahoy, Red Head, I was interested to read about your offshore trip East. I have done the ditch too many times. I did jump once from Port Canaveral to Savannah but that is it. I have a few questions if you don't mind. pDid you use a weather service to plan your trip? Did you run the rhumb line which would take you way offshore or run closer to the coast in case you had to duck in? Was it just the two of you standing watches? If so did fatigue become a problem?

Love Active Captain. Keep up the good work.
Oliver Moore

MV Red Head said...


We do not use a weather service. Dylan and Dee Dee just stick theirs noses out. Their dad does use a variety of weather sources Windytv,S well Info, and NOAA being top ones. We typically run close to shore, moving a bit further out at night to avoid fishing gear, etc. It's always been just Mom and Dad with support from the crew. We run regular watches after dark - 3 hours is the sweet spot for us. And whoever is off watch goes to the stateroom to sleep. One night is pretty easy, after two fatigue sets in. We've never done more than two.

Safe travels.

The Red Head Crew