Saturday, February 25, 2017

Put It to the Test

This past week the new carpeting on Red Head was completed. Dylan and Dee Dee are happy to have the boat back to normal but will miss seeing Todd every day. Todd really likes dogs.

Now for the test. Can this carpet handle Labrador fur, I mean, those thousands of fibers of love and joy?

Here is a shot of the old dark brown wood floor in the salon a few hours after the Roomba finished.

This is a shot of the salon carpeting 48 hours after the last Roomba run. Pretty impressive.

Now Mom and Dad aren't foolish enough to believe that the crew sheds any less on the carpet than the wood floor. They're just happy not to be reminded. We'll still be running the Roomba pretty much every night but now if we forget - no one will know...

Except, of course, for Miss Dee Dee.


Mary Minard said...

Could you share what type of carpet you sent with? Needing to do the same..

MV Red Head said...


The carpet is Phenix ST146 color Essence (Maybe it should be called "Essence of Yellow Lab"...) It has "pet proofing" whatever that means.