Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some More Firsts...

It's been a hectic week. Red Head was hauled for some out of the water work causing the kids to make some adjustments. We are at Hinckley Yacht Services in Stuart and the manager, Brian, kindly offered us the use of a conference room to hold the kids. But Mom wisely decided that there was too much of a chance of barking if they were left inside while we were working outside on projects. So Dad began figuring out how to get them onboard.

After various solutions were tried, we ended up with the "double ramps on yard blocks." Yeah, looks pretty intimidating...

After several false starts, Dylan ran up, turned around and ran back down. Promising. We got him up again and settled inside. Which left Miss Dee Dee. After many, many tries we got her up. Down was not much better but it worked.

Sorry, there are no pictures from the actual event but Mom and Dad were a little busy while that was going on.  So Dylan and Dee Dee are spending their days onboard Red Head while she is on the hard - a first for both of them. Only 10 or so more days to go... sigh!

Fortunately, there was a more enjoyable first Thursday evening. Dee Dee was invited to her first dinner party. Lori and Greg onboard Meander invited the whole Red Head crew to their boat for dinner. Dylan has been on several boats for dinner parties, even being invited back a second time. We feared it might be Dee Dee's first and last.

But  little Miss Dee Dee did quite well, rearranging some of the shoes and sneaking onto the salon sofa when no one was looking, but no damage was done. At least, as far as we know.

It was Dylan who had a bit of a freakout when some firecracker sounds went off in the distance. He climbed onto Mom's lap and then wiggled between Mom and Dad at the table. Lori and Greg were very kind and said they didn't mind.

But soon the excitement got the best of Dylan as he fell asleep sitting up. Poor old guy...

The whole Red Head crew had a lovely evening but were happy to get to what is home for the next couple of weeks - a room at the La Quinta.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful dogs! Really enjoyed the pictures of them "crewing" your fantastic boat. Our yellow will be 14 next month, so he doesn't go boating with us anymore.

Greg Ross
Lake Worth, FL